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We get by with a little help from our friends...

We love our community and all the wonderful people in it.  To show our love we have partnered up with a few other farms and local businesses so that we can offer you as many top quality products as we can.  All our partners share in our values and believe in chemical free, environmentally friendly, sustainable  farming and crafting practices. 


We are a THIRD generation cattle ranch established in 1972 by Cornelius and Agatha Pauls. The ranch was then passed down to Allan and Gwen  Pauls who have continued the traditions for 18 years. As we, Devin & Brittani(Pauls) Chursinoff start taking on more responsibilities of the ranch, we continue to find ourselves following in grandpa Corney’s passion, to raise quality cattle.  As part of this passion, we believe in the ethical treatment of our animals starting from day one and continuing 12+ years as a herd cow. No matter the age, we strive to allow our cows to live a healthy happy life.
Much of the cows’ happy life is lived out on the range - we feel privileged to have access to some NINETY THOUSAND acres of crown rangeland for the herd! They are
turned out in May and when October hits they head home, settling at PV Ranch for the winter, being fed on a rich and balanced diet. Our goal as producers is to bring you a true local product. We grow over 90% of our forage here in the Granby Valley. Our cattle are raised, grazed and butchered in the Boundary region! We believe you will not find beef anywhere else that is better quality than ours!


Hidden away in the very best place you’ve never heard of, on the homestead of your imagination, live the Mitchells - Katie, Dave, Sadie and Jolene. Katie has a background as a chef. She spent 10 years working in busy, high-end Vancouver restaurants and then as a baker in a bakery run by her best friend in their home town of Merritt, BC. Katie and Dave have been roasting their own coffee for years - desperate for coffee made the right way - hand roasted, in small batches, and enjoyed fresh.

After moving to Grand Forks and having their twin girls, the Mitchells decided they wanted to create a business that would allow them to be home with their daughters and doing something they loved. And so Juggernaut was born.

After a few short months roasting coffee on a barbeque over an open flame for their small number of local customers, word got out and they quickly grew. So, they renovated an old bunkhouse just outside their backdoor to create a cozy roastery. Now, they serve a small list of very lucky customers and businesses throughout Canada.


Together with my husband Graeme, our children and all of our animals we spend our days on the Omstead Farm in beautiful Armstrong, BC.  We plant, grow, harvest, dry,   infuse, process and create!  We try to spend more time outside than in and we aren't afraid to get our hands dirty.  When we aren't farming, we........ who am I kidding, we're always farming!  We can't do it alone so we get a little help from our friends;  big and small, two legged and four.  We organically grow and wildcraft ingredients right here on our farm.  We sponsor races and events - we have a soft spot for Triathlon and anything Green, non-GMO, local and kid or animal related.  We strongly believe THERE IS NOTHING GREEN ABOUT PLASTIC.  We stand behind ORGANIC and we care deeply about ethically sourced, NATURAL ingredients.  These are not just words we say, they are words we live by.


At Greenwood Garden Goodies, we grow microgreens weekly for our local customers.  Full of extra nutrition our microgreens are the best in the Boundary.  For the past eight years, Greenwood Garden Goodies has served the Boundary with fresh in-season vegetables, and fruit as well as farm-to-table products such as preserves and pickles.  The microgreens have our hearts and we are proud to bring them year-round to the Boundary. 

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