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Farm Gallery

Click on an album or watch the slideshow to see how our farm and family grow!

Boundary Hill 2016


We had outgrown our farm in Armstrong and decided to find more land where we could expand and give our plants, animals and minds more room to roam.  We settled on a off-grid home on the gentle slopes just outside of Grand Forks, BC.  Here we have 27 acres to truely let our inner earthchild run free.  We are looking forward to seeing where the land takes us.

The Rudy Family Farm 

2013 was a year full of firsts.  After owning a home in Lake Country with only 0.25 acres, this was our first acreage, with 5 acres of growing potential.  With all the extra land we could finally incorperate animals onto the farm.  We now have a total of 23 sheep, 3 sows, 18 piglets, 25 layers, 100 meat birds, 40 turkeys, and 5 rabbits (4 does, 1 buck). We also welcomed our first child into the world on September 13th.  We hope that the 2014 season is just as prosperous.

Meet me at the Market!

We have been vendors at markets all over the okanagan, and continue to sell our produce locally.  Even though we do sell from the farm, we love being able to visit with all the locals and chat with the regulars in town.


Blue and Mabe,l our border collie / australian shepherd dogs, had puppies in April 2013, here are a few shots of the puppies and what they look like now.


Next litter: TBA

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