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Beet The Rush Box

It pays to have long legs in the farming

How do we order/sign-up?

We have a few payment options:

1) If you would like to pay for the full season, you can do so by going to our "Shop" page and adding our "Beet-the-rush box" to your cart (it will ask you a few questions and then you can purchase through paypal or credit card.

2) You can click on the link below, fill out our sign-up form, and then send us a cheque in the mail or an e-transfer.

How much does it cost?

Single Box : This option is $25/week

Pay all at once, making your one-time payment $498.75

Or make 5 equal payments of $105* (Payments due on the first of each month May-September)

Family Box: This option is $35/week

Pay all at once, making your one-time payment $698.25

Or make 5 equal payments of $147* (Payments due on the 1st of each month May-September)

All payments can be made either by PayPal, Etransfer or Cash.

*Monthly payments include a $5/month processing charge

What is it?

Our beet-the-rush box works the same way a magazine subscription does, but instead of getting a magazine once a month, you get a box full of fresh, local produce every WEEK!

What can I expect to get each week?  What is the benefit?

Each week the produce you receive will change depending on what is seasonally available.  We will also send out a newsletter each week letting you know what will be in the boxes as well as optional add-ons.  What is the benefit?  Not only do you get all these yummy vegetables delivered right to your door, but you are also receiving 15% off your produce!  

When you sign-up for our box program, it not only helps you but it also helps us to plan our season.  This way we know exactly how much to grow and when to grow it.

How big is a "single" box compared to a "family" sized one?

Here is an example of what would be in a "single/couple" sized box:

A bunch of carrots, beans, 2x lettuces or, large bag of greens, 2x cucumbers, 2lbs tomatoes, 1.5lbs potatoes.
"Family" sized box:

Same as single and add another lettuce, bunch of carrots, cucumber, pound of peppers, and broccoli.

May 14th- September 24th

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