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Check out what's new on the farm, and shop for fresh and local products.

What's New?


Despite the chaos of life you can still get great quality local meat and produce delivered straight to your door.  

We are specializing in ethically grown, top quality meat and chemical free, produce for your fresh or preserving needs.

Just because you live in town and only have a tiny backyard doesn't mean you cant live like a homesteader - we have tons of options for those looking to preserve the harvest, stock up for winter or fill your freezer.

Have it Delivered to your home or workplace!
We offer free delivery every Monday

Hand Feed and Bottle Feed Animals


Monday - Saturday

By Appointment Only

Our "Helping Hand" Discount

Come out and help us harvest our crop and recieve a discount on your purchase!

Call for dates and to sign up for a specific harvest.

We are commited to not only growing the best quality meat and produce but also to leaving our soil better than when we arrived.  Check out our "About Us" page to learn more about how we do this.

A Note From the Farmers:


We are officially settled on our new Farm!  After a crazy first season last year we are finally catching our stride this spring.  The fields are full of vegetables and berries, while the pasture and forest is bustling with livestock.  We have decided to concentrate our energy this year on helping other folks eat sustainably.  What does that mean? It means growing seasonal foods that can be either stored or preserved to be eaten all year round.  Less imports mean a more stable food system.  Watch along on our instagram @boundaryhillfarmstead for helpful tips and ways we can change how we cook and buy our food.


-Courtenay Rudy

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